Managed Services

Our Managed Solutions span the security technology landscape. From firewall monitoring and management to VPNs, from network and host intrusion detection systems to authentication systems, each one of our services is designed to add another layer of defense to help safeguard and defend your information assets. And our services are vendor-agnostic, enabling you to leverage your current security technology investment.

SecureDog’s IT Security Management Process

Through years of consulting in the field, SecureDog's professionals have honed a balanced method to creating a continuously improving and sustainable approach to IT security management. We call this approach our IT Security Management Process. It embodies the characteristics of a quality system within an information security context—to deliver sustainable IT security management to each of our customers.

The IT Security Management Process defines a continuous implementation and evaluation cycle with six essential activities. Each modular solution is based on one of these activities to form SecureDog's solution set. Within the set are Planning Solutions, Preventive Solutions, Managed Solutions and Integrated Security Solutions.

SecureDog's Integrated Security Solutions remove the guesswork and frustration that are typically associated with the creation and implementation of an in-house enterprise security program. Each solution—whether Planning, Preventive or Managed—is modular and therefore, adaptable to your organization's dynamic and specific security needs.


What are Managed Solutions?

Managed security solution providers (MSSPs) help organizations safeguard their corporate networks by providing information security on a 24x7 basis -- at a fraction of the in-house cost. MSSPs provide a host of outsourced security solutions, including managed intrusion detection services, firewall integrity monitoring and vulnerability assessments.

Managed solutions not only benefit companies by reducing costs; they also allow you to have more control and greater visibility over the state of their network security. An MSSP’s team of security experts can augment your existing staff, freeing them to work on other priorities. In addition, outsourcing information security offers enhanced reliability and better scalability, effectively enhancing the ongoing security, performance and availability of your corporate network.

Why do I need Managed Solutions?

Securing technology and protecting information assets are the most pressing business issues facing companies today. Enthusiastic adoption of new technologies has advanced the pace and competitiveness of business, but at a cost: your corporate computer system is now more vulnerable than ever, and malicious outsiders – and insiders – have ever-increasing opportunities to remotely gain unauthorized access to your company’s valuable, confidential information. Moreover, current and emerging regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and HIPAA, which impact the financial and healthcare industries respectively, are forcing companies to improve the way they monitor and safeguard their corporate networks.

Unfortunately, many companies do not have the personnel, expertise or the budget to build an in-house security program. According to the Yankee Group, developing your own infosec program can cost more than $750,000 in the first year alone. Compare this to the average outsourcing….

But building an effective program requires more than money. It requires knowledgeable staff to implement and manage the program and respond to threats, during and after normal business hours. But finding security expertise is difficult. As a result, IT departments are stretched so thin that they often overlook even simple fixes and software patches that can prevent damage to their networks.

Security concerns and vulnerabilities are increasing exponentially; more than 52,560 information security incidents were reported to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in 2001 – more than double the amount reported in 2000, and quadruple the 1999 total. Most companies simply cannot keep up with IT security breaches and cyber-crime on their own while staying focused on their core business objectives.

This is why businesses choose to partner with SecureDog. We can help reduce the costs associated with installing, maintaining and monitoring an effective information security program. Our monitored and managed security solutions and expertise can help you protect your corporate assets.

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