Our complete set of Preventive Solutions is unmatched in the industry. Our unique Education and Training services, including classroom venues, proactively improve the educational capabilities of contractors and employees. We can help you identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited, validate your working designs, and institute effective remediation steps.

The services described below are a few ways that we can add value to your business:

SecureDog’s IT Security Management Process

Through years of consulting in the field, SecureDog's professionals have honed a balanced method to creating a continuously improving and sustainable approach to IT security management. We call this approach our IT Security Management Process. It embodies the characteristics of a quality system within an information security context—to deliver sustainable IT security management to each of our customers.

The IT Security Management Process defines a continuous implementation and evaluation cycle with six essential activities. Each modular solution is based on one of these activities to form SecureDog's solution set. Within the set are Planning Solutions, Preventive Solutions, Managed Solutions and Integrated Security Solutions.

SecureDog's Integrated Security Solutions remove the guesswork and frustration that are typically associated with the creation and implementation of an in-house enterprise security program. Each solution—whether Planning, Preventive or Managed—is modular and therefore, adaptable to your organization's dynamic and specific security needs.



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